New patent PVC Roller Shutter

PVC Roller Shutter

Romplast, with Patent No. 0001411276 has developed an innovative technology in the manufacture of tools for the extrusion of reinforced profiles.

In the case of the roller shutter has completely solved the warping caused by thermal expansion through a reinforced plastic, rather than metal.

It’s a method that respects the environment going to recycle, completely, all materials used. The main body of the slat is made of the first material polymer (PVC) and must have inside parts reinforced with a polymeric material non-metallic, to increase the resistance to bending.

The two types of materials are extruded simultaneously through a normal coextrusion. The main body may also be covered with UV-resistant material (SKIN) to confer such protective feature and also this process take place through coextrusion. The two coextrusion are made simoultaneously extrusion of the main body.

This technique, extremely resistant to weather and mechanical conditions, not aggravate the weight of the roller shutter, and is applicable to any profile that you want reinforce.


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